#SundayBunday Week 1

Welcome to #SundayBunday !!! Sunday is usually the day where I stress eat, binge on tv, and think of ways I can avoid the upcoming Monday – more like Ughday.

Since it is summer and Sundays are a little less scary right now I thought I would make it a priority for myself to write more for myself and also give my readers a recap of my week. I’m calling it ‘Sunday Bunday’ because Sundays are the day where my hair is up in a bun.

So enough with the introduction… Here’s what went on this week >>>

If you were following me on my socials this week then you know I was down in Florida for the Little People of America National Conference in Orlando.

On Saturday morning I had the annual LPA Council of District Directors Meeting. In the meeting, we discussed the previous year’s conference, what is going on in our district and chapters and how we can advance the mission of LPA.

Saturday night I had some free time to go up north and have dinner with Marilyn and her husband, Herman, who is the Executive Chef at Ponte Vedra Inn and Club. Marilyn is the Pediatric Patient Care Coordinator at the Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics and has been there for every one of my surgeries at RIAO. It was great getting to visit with her, watch the sunset, and enjoy all of the ‘Instagrammable’ food 😋 If you’re looking for a place to go in Florida, head to PV! ☀️

Throughout the week at Nationals there are multiple workshops and events for everyone at LPA to partake in. Sundays are usually the day for medical workshops. In the workshops, doctors who are specialized in multiple forms of dwarfism will discuss issues such as pain management, issues of the head, neck, and spine, limb alignment, genetics, and so on…

General Workshops begin on Monday and last throughout the week. The workshops are for everyone – new parents, teens, those who are soon to be college bound, average height sibling, and LP adults. Every day there are off-site activities to local attractions as well as DAAA and every night there is Bingo and a dancing (that lasts until 1am!!)

For more info about LPA’s National Conferences click here.

No travel post is complete without mentioning food and tbh…the food at the Hyatt in Orlando is not the best, except for the Nutty Tella cake at B-Line Diner 😋

On the last night, mom and I hopped on the trolley and headed down South International Drive to window shop and have dinner. We ended up at the coolest restaurant, Café Tu Tu Tango. The backstory is it was founded in 1991 by three friends who had just returned from a trip to Barcelona, Spain. The food was awesome and has made me so excited for my trip to Spain in a couple of months!!

To conclude this long post, here are some adorable pictures of me at the airport at 4am 😂

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