Therachon Measuring Study

Therachon is a pharmaceutical company developing a treatment with the goal of reducing the burden of complications of achondroplasia. In this regard, we are seeking U.S. based patient volunteers to be filmed in a short video intended to train health care professionals working on our clinical trials. The training will focus on best practices for measuring patients with achondroplasia, with a particular interest in areas that relate to the complications of achondroplasia.

Participants must meet the following criteria to participate:

  • Be available for filming for the majority of the day on September 15, 2018. The actual time is yet to be set, and the full duration is expected to last for about 5-6 hours.
  • We are confirming the location, but it will take place in the mid-Atlantic region (travel-related expenses will be paid for by the sponsor)
  • Patients with achondroplasia, either 5-10 years of age, or 2 years old or younger.


  • This video will only be used for training; it will not be disseminated beyond our clinical trial sites and will not be publicly available.
  • Participants will receive a $500 honorarium as compensation for their time.
  • Participation in the video will in no way impact a patient’s eligibility to participate in any planned clinical trial.

Interested parties should please contact, or 617-922-3123 at their earliest convenience.

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