• tolerate it

    I wake and watch you breathing with your eyes closedI sit and watch youI notice everything you do or don't do dessner, a. swift, t. (2020). tolerate it. on evermore. Authors Note: Because of ...

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    tolerate it

hi! I’m chandler – patient advocate, public speaker, communications pro & social media savvy

Since I was 16, I have shown the world facets of myself through full transparency and glimpses inside of my own chrysalis where millions have watched me grow, transform, and develop – physically, personally, and professionally into the social butterfly I am today.

I spend most of my days in the skeletal dysplasia (achondroplasia, dwarfism) community building and maintaining close and professional relationships with patients, caregivers, biotech + pharmaceutical companies, and world-renowned physicians and researchers while also running a nonprofit, event planning, creating content, and staying in the know on all things Taylor Swift and pop culture.

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Rare Disease Day – 2022

I have achondroplasia and am one of many living with this condition which is caused by a mutation in the FGFR3 gene. On my platform, I represent myself. I choose how I identify my diagnosis, how I treat my diagnosis. And I choose what…

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It’s Supposed to be Fun Turning ’21

Remember last year when we turned ’21? It was supposed to be fun, right? At least, that’s what Taylor thought when she turned 21 *forever internally screaming, “screw you, Jake Gyllenhaal!”* 😫 Don’t get me wrong, 2021 was a fun…

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