Starting Fresh

Starting Fresh

If you’ve been hanging out with me the past 8 years then you know that I am no stranger to transformations. This is just another one..that doesn’t involve any insurance. If you’re new here then let me go ahead and introduce myself –

I’m Chandler!

For the last 8 years I have been documenting my experience with orthopedic surgery on my Facebook page, Chandler In Baltimore. From there my passion for social media has evolved and become one of my main focuses.

Earlier this year I set a goal for myself to make my website one of my top priorities and of course, other things got in the way. So with it being summer and new beginnings are soon to happen, I told my self to just “start fresh.”

Question: How hot is it where you are right now? It is currently 93ºF in Arkansas but feels like 105ºF…seriously that’s what my weather app says 😩 I don’t care what anyone says..I am ready for FALL!


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