wind in my hair, I was there

5, 6, 7, 8…I have *bean* waiting to *reflect* on this past weekend & now that I’m literally in the ☁️ clouds ☁️ and not in front of one, I can – since 2019, the @chandlerproject has been hosting the annual @achondroplasiaresearch conference & this weekend marked the fourth one 🍀 in ‘19, I honestly wasn’t sure if this would be a continuous thing or not, but given the response + constant “when’s the next one?!” 🥺 it’s safe to say this is forever — not only for #achondroplasia, but for other forms of #skeletaldysplasia, too 💜

thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to @childrensnational#InnoSkel@murdoch_childrens@nemours@davidsfeldman@paleyinstitute@orthodocphil@limblengthmd/@lifebridgehealth, @hspecialsurgery@uwmadison/@waismancenter, @pfizerinc#QEDtherapeutics#AscendisPharma, and @biomarinofficial for not only your participation, but your compassion and dedication to this particular patient population — what you’re doing means more to parents than you will ever know 🥰

and lastly, in the midst of all the chananigans, I almost missed the notice letting me know I’ve been nominated for @globalgenes RARE Champions of Hope Award among 190 other nominees! 😭 I just…no words — whoever nominated me, you have no idea how much this means to me 🥹 all I can comprehend to say right now is thank you 🙏🏻

oh, I love my life and all. THAT. jaaaZzZz 🤗

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