Dwarfism Awareness Day – 2021

For as long as I can remember, the butterfly has always been my spirit animal 🦋 every year on #DwarfismAwareness day, I like to reflect back on my past lifetime and compare it to the life I live today.

Butterflies represent rebirth, transformation, change, hope & life. Coincidentally, these were the top 5 things on my list of reasons for why I wanted limb lengthening. Because for so long, I felt trapped in a cocoon that I was never going to breakout of. I was in a body that I was never supposed to be in.

I wanted change. I wanted a new life. I needed a transformation. Not everyone with dwarfism feels this way because not everyone with dwarfism shares one lifestyle. There’s no one poster lifestyle when it comes to living with this diagnosis.

We are all individuals first. We all make our own choices and changes in our life that best fit our own needs – just like everyone else in the world. The same goes for the parents and caregivers who are making decisions today on how they want to treat and care for their child’s diagnosis.

Butterflies are like individuals with dwarfism. There are many different forms, each one special in their own way. Some may migrate together. Others may fly away in a direction away from the others that best fits themselves.

When it comes down to it though, we all change at some point – in our own way and on our own time. And that’s what’s beautiful.

Happy #DwarfismAwarenessDay to those who celebrate 💚

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